Sunday, January 6, 2013

Head Breakdown

I put each structure on a different layer and gave it a different color.  They're pretty funny looking but they helped sort some things out.  I have a tendency to skip over things when I've got a pencil in my hand.  I tell myself to be disciplined about it, but inevitably, at some point, my intuition insists it knows where the line is supposed to go and I don't bother measuring. Working digitally in this way, my intuition admits it doesn't know what to do, I have to measure.


  1. execelentes esstudios de la cabeza humana!!!!gracias a ti estoy aprendiendo mucho. Prodias hacer un video en donde muestres el metodo para colocar las elipses correctamente.Por que no entiendo mucho.saludos

  2. Thank you. I am still trying to work out the ellipses myself. I will try to find a way to better explain what I am doing.