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More Cylinder People

From 3 different models in class

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Transitioning to Cylinder People

I was having trouble doing the cylinder people in Mark's class.  The models are in costume and they do a lot of quick action poses.  It was too complicated, so I found a way to ease into it by simplifying.  These are not representative of what the class is about.  Each week he hands out a packet of concept art from an animated show and encourages the class to draw the model in the style of that show.  There is great variety of styles and the models are appropriate making it a lot of fun.  I hope to take the class again and do that, but for now I'm just focusing on simplifying what the model is doing.  

The ones above are draw overs from some of the class drawings.  Below are drawings of Carol from Karl Gnass' class which I take the night after Marks' class

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and I managed to make the translation into cylinder people.