Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Box Figures Continued

I've skipped ahead a bit from the last set.  I'm not happy with any from the past few weeks.  I struggled a lot with maintaining proportion and getting the gesture. I would get caught up thinking about how to do the boxes and start breaking it down before getting the full figure laid out, losing  sense of what the big idea was.  
In this set I started each drawing by clearly marking the top of the head, the bottom of the feet and the the half point. I made sure to put the whole pelvis box above the half mark to prevent the torso from getting to big.  I also focused more on making sure to get the whole figure laid out before starting the breakdown.   I'm still really struggling with the the shoulder area but I think breaking it down like this is helping me work it out.

Above: Sara Streeter in Karl Gnass's Figure Drawing Class

Below: Luca Cambiasi figure studies from the mid 1560's