Saturday, November 5, 2011

There are no lines -more head diagrams

I've been searching through books and the internet for the diagrams of other artists that have tried to break down the very complicated human head into simple ideas.  I thought these three lined up next to each other looked especially neat.

Here I applied the Reilly diagram to my general model's proportions and tried to shade it simply.  I could not get it to look right.

So I tried applying it to a specific head.  I went back to the first Bertillon card I traced back in  July.    I like the way it worked out.  Long lines.

and it finally sunk in that the side of the head is flat.  

Trial and error, variation and selection, and design - Tim Harford at TED

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  1. it's a pleasure to see you study the human figure. your drawings are great. i watched the TED talk and it was very inspiring. Thanks for posting.