Friday, August 19, 2011

Head Diagram

I took Nathan Fowkes' portrait workshop earlier this month after seeing posts on his website of the neat diagram he uses.  It's a variation of Frank Reilly's diagram (Frank Reilly's teachings).  I had it in mind while working on earlier variations of my model but this time I was paying a lot more attention to it.  I found the workshop very helpful. 

The cheek area continues to be the area I find the most confusing.  In doing these I tried to keep in mind a comment from Nathan to keep the lines wrapping around the form and not going against it and a comment form Karl about paying attention to the way the forms are connected.  


  1. Hi Tania. Agreed; the cheek is pretty tricky with all its changing shapes.

    Something I was taught to do was shine a light on your face so that the core shadow is forming right along the bend of your cheek and try to study off a mirror. The advantage is you can keep moving the angle of the light (or your own head) to see how the shape of the core changes. ☺

  2. Thanks Alejandro. What do think about how I handled them in the diagrams?

  3. Can't complain. I think they read pretty well when I squint my eyes at them. ☻