Thursday, October 21, 2010

Head Diagrams 2


  1. This is great! Did you make this yourself?

  2. Thanks, yes, but it's based on a whole bunch of other people's breakdowns. I hope to do all these turns and then keep going with the new design.

  3. how did you find the breakdown in the first place? I was trying to google it but i wasn't really having any luck

  4. I started with the head breakdown that Karl uses in his class. It's similar but more complete than the Loomis Breakdown.

    some of the other things I looked through....

    Nathan Fowkes. You have to scroll down a bit

    Someone told me it's based on Frank Reily's diagram which can be found here. also scroll down a bit ttp://

    It's similar to the one Kevin Chen uses.

    I wasn't understanding the dimension from that though so I started looking of those creepy head models that has all of the facets. It's way too complicated to I tried to simplify it in combination with the Reily one.

    Also looking at the Disney style for simplification, Preston Blair stuff.

    I have a facial geometry book that I was looking at trying to find proportions that I liked. Also the golden ratio masks.

    Spent a good deal of time looking at stock photos of bald people too.

    I'm really happy with design improvement and greater structural integrity of the new one. I plan on doing this rotation with that one soon. Working on a figure general model for the moment.

  5. Oh this is great resource. Thanks tania!